Scanmast strive to continually improve and prevent working conditions to thereby minimize the risk of illness, accidents and ekonomiska- and ethical abuses. By establishing and following policies are working Scanmast to, we both employers and employees conduct our business in a responsible and sustainable way.

Our sustainability work is focused on the following areas:

• Anti-corruption
• Freedom of expression and privacy
• Customer Privacy
• Health and Safety
• Sustainability in the supply chain
• Environmental Responsibility

We encourage our employees, customers, business partners and other stakeholders to report any suspicions toward our sustainability efforts are being violated. All submitted reports will be investigated appropriately.

You can of course remain anonymous, but it helps us if you leave your contact information.

For us to be able to conduct a good investigation, we appreciate if you could provide as much information and documentation as possible regarding your case.

Write your message here:

For us at Scanmast it is paramount that we always act in accordance with our policies. If you believe that we failed in any way you can contact me, or use the form beside to send in a report.”

Ann-Charlotte Andersson
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Call us and we will help you: +46 250-29 200

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