For security cameras to capture clear and precise images, stable and secure masts are required, which neither sway nor vibrate. Our camera masts are extremely rigid, which means that they meet the requirements for surveillance systems.

Scanmast has long supplied masts for solutions for security in industries, ports, prisons, border crossings, refineries, switchgears, traffic monitoring and power plants. We also inspect existing trusses, and we have developed a special solution for the golf industry with masts that hold nets at driving ranges.

Stable masts for camera surveillance

When it comes to camera masts, it is essential that they are rigid and stable in order for the cameras to do their job. Besides for the fact that cameras may otherwise function poorly, inferior masts can trigger costly false alarms for owners. Scanmast’s camera masts are stable and minimise this risk.

Supplements cameras with lighting

A camera is often accompanied by lighting on the same mast or tower. The demand for solutions containing LED luminaires is increasing in today’s society. LED luminaires add to the overall load and, in some cases, the wind load on the tower, and this is something we take into account in our calculations.

We adapt our products on a case-by-case basis because each location and assignment are very different. In this way, we can be absolutely sure that what we deliver not only stands stably after installation, but will also maintain the highest quality for along time.

Extensive experience in the security industry

With 70 years of experience in the industry and employees with expertise in all stages of the process, we will help you from vision to completed mast or tower.

We select the optimal construction sites for your needs, obtain building permits and other permits, and enter into agreements with land or property owners. We then build, install, commission, maintain, inspect and document. Although the technology we work with is new, we opt for tried and tested methods and materials that last over time.

We work best when we are able to join a project in its early stages. Together we formulate a plan that suits your specific needs. Furthermore, it will be both cost-effective and convenient for you since you will have a single point of contact throughout the project.

Below you can read about a few security-related projects of which we are especially proud.


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