Robust, secure masts that don’t sway or vibrate if surveillance cameras are to do their job of capturing clear, precise images. Our camera masts are very rigid, which means that they’re able to meet the demands of surveillance. Cameras are often supplemented with lights mounted in the same mast or tower. The demand for solutions using LED lighting is growing, and this is also affecting the wind load on towers. We take this into account in our calculations.

We’ve supplied camera masts to industries, ports, prisons, border crossings, refineries, switchgear installations and nuclear power plants. We adapt our products to suit each individual case because every site and assignment is completely different. Our solution that can be lowered using a winch is evidence of this. This means we can be absolutely certain that what we supply doesn’t just stand firmly after being installed, it also maintains top quality for many years to come.

We can handle your entire project, from project design and planning to design, assembly and installation. Give us a call so that we can devise a great solution based on your preferences and needs.


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