Special solutions

It goes without saying that we adapt structures on the basis of your requirements and needs and don’t have to supply our standard ranges. We also have an extensive range of accessories that we’d be happy to develop with you.

Wind measurement

Do you need to measure the wind in a particular location but don’t really know how to go about it? We do! There are lots of things to think about before installing a mast for measuring wind. If the mast is to stand in a mountain area, for example, you have to factor ice into your calculations. Lots of ice. It also has to withstand storms, temperature fluctuations and the usual rain and foul weather.

But first of all, you probably have to sort out building permits and agreements, clear forests and lay roads. Give us a call so that we can have a think about what you need help with in order to get your project off the ground.

Our masts and towers can be dismantled, so if you have to measure wind in a number of locations you can save both money and the environment by reusing the same mast or tower.

Optical fibre

The Government’s target is for 90% of all households and companies to have access to at least 100 Mbit/s broadband by 2020. It goes without saying that this requires extensive rollout of broadband over the next few years.

Optical fibre has a major part to play in this regard. Optical fibre is the most futureproof alternative because it provides plenty of surplus capacity for higher speeds. Optical fibre is a must for the networked society and will form a fundamental part of our digital infrastructure for many years to come.

Do you need help with your optical fibre project? Scanmast is able to offer a one-stop shop for optical fibre projects – connecting fibre to the home (FTTH) or ensuring that companies, commercial properties, mobile sites or other technical infrastructure have optical fibre connections. We help our customers all the way along the line, from pilot studies and project design to implementation, installation, operation and maintenance.

We work actively with documentation throughout your entire project so as to guarantee high quality delivery. We ensure that drawings, descriptions, photos, measurements – everything to be documented, in fact – is kept in order, in the customer’s own system if this is preferred.

Contact us at one of our local offices – we can arrange everything from project design and planning to excavation, laying, installation and maintenance.


Call us and we will help you: +46 250-29 200

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