Axevalla Harness Racetrack Assisted by Scanmast

Management at Axevalla Harness Racetrack outside Skara, which is one of Sweden’s better known racetracks, decided to upgrade the facility’s lighting. Scanmast was entrusted as a Turn Key partner, to supply and install 38 Delta towers for the new lighting.

The reason for the investment is due to increased lighting requirements for TV broadcasts in HD. This is a common challenge at many sports facilities – and for a range of sports – across Sweden. And Scanmast is a dependable supplier. In most cases, Delta towers are ideal. They are practical to transport, install, and erect on site.
Scanmast has also supplied Alta towers with platforms to big sports arenas.

But for Axevalla, Delta towers are the perfect solution. Twenty-one towers were erected along the inner track, ten on the outer sections, and seven at the racing stables. The work commenced in April 2019 and concluded in the summer. Axevalla greatly appreciated that the new lighting was ready for the StoChampionatet Handicap, which is Axevalla’s high-profile competition. This particular lighting solution from Scanmast is in use at several racetracks across Sweden.


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