You see them lining the roads. They create anticipation at our airports, and they turn darkness into light at our sports grounds. Or, to put it another way – wherever you find spotlights, there’s every chance they’ll be mounted on one of our ALTA or DELTA towers.

Our towers are made up of standard sections, allowing us to supply them quickly at a low overall cost. One luminaire or 60, three metres or 70 metres tall – we don’t mind, we can do it all.

We have both the desire and the expertise to implement entire projects, from design and project planning to construction, installation and maintenance This means that our customers can feel secure in the work we do. Give us a call so that we can devise a great solution based on your preferences and needs.

And of course, we’re also happy to help you with calculations and dimensioning to suit the equipment to be installed. Our towers are designed to meet the current demand for solutions using LED luminaires. It goes without saying that our towers have to be safe and user-friendly.


Call us and we will help you: +46 250-29 200

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