You see them along the road. They arouse expectations at our airports and turn night into day on our sports fields. And there is a high probability that they are installed on one of our ALTA or DELTA towers.

Scanmast installs towers for lighting fixtures at football pitches, car parks, industries, stadiums, harbours and airports. Scanmast does it all – from design and planning to construction, installation and maintenance. And you will naturally get all the help you need to calculate and configure the equipment to be installed.

LEDs – a growing area

More and more people are choosing to replace their lighting with LEDs. For sports arenas that will be televising matches, high demands are placed on the lighting for HD quality. Others choose LEDs for reasons such as energy efficiency, long service life or environmental friendliness. Scanmast helps customers both to install entirely new lighting masts with LED luminaires, and to replace existing luminaires with LEDs.

Changing luminaires requires new configurations

Since LED luminaires are heavier and shaped in a differently than halogen luminaires, it is important to calculate differently to attain the correct mast configuration. Scanmast’s engineering department helps you with this. Our highly trained staff can also help with replacement of luminaires only for metal halide luminaires when needed, as well as complete luminaire replacement from metal halide to LED.

Inspection of lighting masts

Scanmast also performs inspections of existing lighting installations. If we discover simpler faults, we can usually fix them on site, and if more complex measures are needed, we can naturally help you with that as well.

Temporary lighting at construction sites

At construction sites, temporary work lighting of good quality is a must. Scanmast installs lighting masts and towers, and with above-ground foundations, it is easy to move installations and dismantle them once work at the site is done.

Standard and special

Our standard products work for most installations, and with these, delivery times are especially short. However, when customers need custom solutions, we can easily arrange this with the help of our engineering department.

Below are examples of some lighting projects that we are especially proud of.


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