Scanmast’s stable, readily assembled products and our adaptable work methods are an advantage in continuous industrial operations, where downtime must be kept to a minimum. Our truss assemblies are of high quality and can withstand harsh environments for up to 50 years.

Scanmast’s truss assemblies function excellently as pipeline bridges, gantries and signage towers. The structures are extremely strong in relation to their weight and can span long distances. They are supported by vertical sections and come equipped with the components needed for your project.

Lighting and surveillance

We have worked extensively with all types of industries, including ports and various process industries. In addition to pipeline bridges and gantries, Scanmast also provides other products suitable for industry, such as masts and towers for surveillance and lightning.

Stable structures

Safely installing large signs, traffic lights or cameras in places and along roads used by people and vehicles requires strong structures that have been carefully dimensioned for the intended loads.

This also applies to the conveyance of electricity, liquids, gas, oil and similar from one building to another, where pipes or conduits are routed along a pipeline bridge.

Minimises downtime

Thanks to fast assembly times, downtime in ongoing operations can be minimised, which is greatly appreciated by our customers, particularly those in industry. We are also accustomed to adapting our work to the relevant working hours, which is an advantage in industrial operations.

Our hot-dip galvanised truss assemblies can be erected quickly and do not require on-site welding. By using a durable, high-quality material, our customers are able to reduce their maintenance costs tenfold over 50 years compared to rust-protected steel.

Help every step of the way

We help our customers throughout the process, from dimensioning and calculations to pre-assembling the product on-site. With Scanmast you get a secure partner with extensive experience that manufactures, delivers, installs and commissions. With us, you get a single point of contact – and we take care of everything.

Below you can read about a few industrial projects of which we are especially proud.


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