Strength calculations

Scanmast has developed its own mast calculation program, especially created for masts and towers. But the engineering team at Scanmast also performs other kinds of calculations, which form the basis of our new designs, adaptations or maintenance you need.

Our mast calculation program takes into account the latest requirements of Eurocode and other applicable standards, based on where the masts and towers are situated, when they were built and in which country. With the help of the program, we get precise calculations that form the basis of our design drawings.

Structural strength calculations

Based on our calculations, best practices and current standards, we produce assembly and manufacturing drawings. Our engineering staff closely collaborates in an interactive process, based on 3D models, to develop new constructions that do the job they are designed for.

In addition to construction and equipment, we also take into account the geographical location, safety class, terrain type and possible ice loads.
Our designs are engineered according to Eurocode, including any national supplements. We can also perform calculations on products that we have not manufactured ourselves.

Component configuration

We also do FEM calculations (Finite Element Method) in configuring equipment other than masts and towers. With FEM calculations, we can configure various component solutions for media structures, for example, or for other special situations.

Maintenance calculations

Calculations are also necessary for existing constructions on which components are installed, especially when it comes to how much of their available capacity is utilised. You will then find out if they have enough capacity for increased loads, or if the maximum load has already been reached. We also perform calculations on components that might need to be repaired or replaced, to determine how much the occurrence of rust, for example, can affect the bearing strength of a mast or tower.

Often sustainable

With strength calculations, you always have confirmation of your mast or tower capacities. And with this in hand, it may turn out that you do not need to replace an entire mast, as you first thought, but perhaps it is enough to only replace or reinforce a part of it. This often entails that the products are used longer, which is positive both from the economic and environmental perspectives.


Based on your needs and wishes, we deliver a comprehensive solution that is cost-effective. You can get help from us throughout the process, and we have extensive experience in selecting optimal construction sites and creating the exact solutions that you are looking for. With the help of our engineering team, you can always trust that the solutions are optimised for their purpose and can really do the job.


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