Permits and agreements

The preparation phase for your installation includes reconnaissance of sites and selecting an optimal location. Most often, various permits and agreements are required. We help out with the entire application process and with signing agreements with property and landowners.

Whether it is a matter of constructing a base station on a roof, or at a greenfield location for a mast or tower, permits and agreements are required. We can help you with the process for any kind of project that requires permits and agreements.

A single contact

By getting help from us from start to finish, you only need to bring in a single company, and have contact with a single person. To facilitate the construction process for your installation, we will be happy to help you with the necessary permits and agreements.

No need to spend valuable time on negotiations

When you work with us, you get a finished installation, right where you want it. We help out by handling all the contacts and discussions that can arise in connection with the installation – with the people who live nearby, with the municipality and various government agencies.

The permit and the agreement process includes the following important points.

  • Site leases: We handle all negotiations and drafting of agreement documents regarding civil engineering and site leases.
  • Building permits: We handle the entire building permit process and all contacts with the authorities, boards and regulatory bodies.
  • Electrical power quotes: We take care of all contacts with power companies and coordinate delivery.
  • Leasing agreements: If you are a telecom operator, we can handle contacts with mast or property owners and draw up leasing agreements if you will be using space on an existing mast.
  • Airspace permits: We take care of all permits and contacts with the Civil Aviation Authority and the Swedish Armed Forces.
  • Access agreements: We handle all contacts with the concerned landowners and road associations, in order to guarantee access to the site where the installation will be built.

Help in choosing the right location – and the right product

When you involve us early in the process, you obtain the best conditions for your installation. We have extensive experience in finding the best installation sites, whether it be a rooftop or in open land.

We also know which kind of installation is best for the chosen site and can help you in choosing the right construction for the site – based on site conditions and the equipment to be installed.

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