Permissions and agreements (site acquisition)

During the preparation phase, we also carry out recces and select the ideal location for your facility. Regardless of whether you want a rooftop base station installation or a greenfield site where we can build a mast or tower, permissions and permits will be needed.

We can help you to apply for the permissions and permits you will need and conclude agreements with property owners and landowners – all time-consuming enterprises otherwise.


Air safety permits

We do with all contact and permits involving the Swedish Civil Aviation Administration and the military.

Building permits

We deal with the entire building permit process and all contact with authorities, consultations, inspection officers and so forth.

Power tender

We deal with all contact with the utility company and coordinate the delivery.

Rental agreement

We handle contact with the owners of masts or facilities.

Road agreements

We handle contact with the owners of masts or facilities.

Site leasing

We deal with all negotiation and compilation of agreement documents relating to site and property leasing.


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