Operation and maintenance

The mast is up, the equipment is in place and the final inspection is complete. You might think that the end of our job, but that’s rarely the case. Maintenance of technology and equipment extends the service life and considerably enhances dependability. We’re certified to inspect your facility, and we’re constantly on our toes and stay up to date on the very latest in technology.

Old, obsolete mobile networks have to be removed and disposed of. We have extensive experience of this kind of dismantling work, and we’re extremely proud of our disciplined logistics, documentation and environmental management. All materials are sent for controlled destruction and recycling.

Renovating foundations that have seen better days is also something of a speciality for us. We analyse the foundation and decide whether it has to be replaced or whether just renovating the sealing layer will suffice. When we renovate a foundation, we always try to do so with the mast in place so as to prevent expensive downtime.

Equipment swap

We used to managing major projects involving equipment replacement under major time pressure at times that don’t disrupt customers’ operations. This may involve radio swaps, free cooling replacement and battery backup expansion, for example .

Facility inspection and condition monitoring

We’re certified inspectors and carry out condition monitoring of masts, towers and antenna carriers, regardless of make. We carry out thousands of inspections and inventories every year. When we’ve carried out a thorough review of the entire site, the operator and mast owner receive an inspection report on what needs to be done and what priorities need to be set. We can remedy many of our observations at the time of the inspection in order to save time and costly return visits. We’re happy to provide a proposal for action if more extensive work is needed.

Our designers can quickly produce carefully thought out solutions for changes of all sizes.

Replacement of diagonals and stays

We have extensive experience of renovating radio and TV masts, which are 320 metres high. We manufacture and replace all diagonals, stays and other equipment. We also replace the guy wires and manufacture all new stay parts. We’ve been testing and developing the unique equipment required for this work for 70 years.


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