Maintenance and inspections

Maintenance of truss structures extends service life and increases reliability. Scanmast takes care of the entire chain, from inspections, assessments and calculations to maintenance, repairs and adaptations – all to create a safe installation that performs as intended.

 Maintenance is important in ensuring safe installations and in avoiding expensive downtime, but also in conserving our resources. Because when we repair and maintain an installation, we also extend its service life, which is always the most sustainable alternative.

If you own masts, towers or poles, you are responsible for regular inspections and maintenance to prevent accidents. You can read more about the applicable requirements at the Swedish Work Environment Authority’s website.

Installation inspections and permit confirmation

Scanmast performs inspections and confirms permit validity for all types of truss structures (e.g. antenna or media carriers) regardless of manufacturer. After a thorough inspection of the entire site, the owner receives an inspection report covering necessary measures and priorities. We can rectify most kinds of problems revealed during inspections, and can usually deal with the minor ones straightaway.


We also conduct installation assessments. This entails inspecting the installation and associated equipment, updating drawings and making calculations to verify that loads are within the applicable safety margins. If it turns out that the structure is overloaded, for example, we can propose and fit reinforcing components and make any other necessary changes. You get an up-to-date picture of the condition of your installation and we help you maintain site safety.

Adaptations and structural alterations

Scanmast can repair, adapt and alter most types of truss structures. We can also install stays and adjust the heights of masts and towers. Replacement of diagonals, stays and entire sections are among the other things we can help you with. There is a wide variety of reinforcing components that can be fit as necessary.

Damaged media structures can also be serviced on site if there is a need for replacement of diagonals, framing components or other structural components.

Concrete foundations

Although working with truss constructions is what we do best, we can also help out with concrete foundations. After analysis, we determine whether a foundation needs to be replaced or whether it is enough to recondition the sealing coat. In conjunction with this, we always try to leave the truss structure in place to avoid expensive downtime.

Strength calculations

Our engineering team can develop special solutions for alterations to avoid having to replace entire structures. The team develops solutions for strengthening or repairing installations so that they meet the needs of our customers. We can help you from calculations to finished documentation, with the resulting installation meeting all your needs.

Dismantling and recycling

If it becomes necessary to dismantle and decommission an installation, we have extensive experience from these kinds of assignments, with extensive expertise in logistics, documentation, environmental management and recycling of materials.


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