We build and install stations (masts and towers) in towns, on roofs, in arenas, on industrial sites and in the countryside. Our fitters work in close cooperation with our designers, which makes us extremely quick and flexible.

When it comes to the building and installation of masts, we’re hard to beat. In the 1960s, we built the radio and TV masts that were found all over Sweden. Since then, we’ve supplied and built thousands of towers and masts that can be found in all kinds of places – some of them have to be seen to be believed! And because we supply the materials (masts and towers) and install everything, we can maintain total control over quality.

We use a crane, helicopter or auxiliary spar to install our masts and towers, depending on the material and location in question. Our fitters are harnessed to the mast and work section by section, screwing each part into place. Safety is a must when it comes to our job, and our fitters have extensive experience of the work they do.

If forest clearing, excavation or a road up to the intended site is needed, we can arrange that as well.


Construction of property networks for optical fibre cabling

We install optical fibre cabling at properties up to an appropriate handover point so that equipment can be connected to the network.

Foundation work

Scanmast carries out all types of mast and tower foundation work and special solutions. We also renovate old foundations, allowing the service life of the entire facility to be extended.

Groundworks and roadbuilding

If you need to construct a connecting road to your facility, we can organise everything from permits to the actual construction work.

Laying cables/ducting

We build entire optical fibre systems with associated ducting both into mobile facilities and between various telecoms facilities/nodes. We also build entire optical fibre infrastructures so that properties (houses of all kinds) can have optical fibre connections.

Mast/tower construction

With our 70 years of experience of mast and tower construction, we can help you with safe installation of your site.

Optical fibre installation

When the ducting is in place, we blow in the optical fibre and then splice and connect it. We then measure the entire optical fibre system


Call us and we will help you: +46 250-29 200

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