Sales manager, Norway

Rune Lund took over as sales manager for Scanmast in Norway in spring 2019. He previously worked in project sales to major customers in Norway, involving a combination of products and developing solutions in plastic and steel – often to meet different challenges. Here, Rune Lund explains why he joined Scanmast:

– I enjoy selling good products and services that also develop our customers. Scanmast has these and so I am happy to sell them on the Norwegian market. This also brings fresh challenges, the chance to meet nice people and be part of many exciting projects. The market is highly active and there is high demand for masts that can carry video, lighting and telecommunications signals.

Enjoy selling products and services that develop our customers.
/Rune Lund, Sales manager

Rune Lund began working at Scanmast relatively recently and has an exciting vision of how the company should grow in Norway.

– Scanmast must establish itself as a natural choice for masts and towers in Norway. I feel that Scanmast is a Swedish company that is much-appreciated in Norway. I, like many others here in Norway, like the way Scanmast does business; that is, wisely building up the company and business in Norway stone by stone, while at the same time standing up for its products.


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