Gantries & Signage Towers

Signs, traffic lights and cameras must be able to withstand rain, harsh weather and strong winds. Moreover, people and vehicles must be able to pass safely underneath them. This requires strong structures carefully designed for the load to be carried by the gantry or signage tower.

Scanmast’s truss assemblies are ideal for gantries and signage towers. The flexible design provides high strength in relation to its weight and can be built in long spans. It is supported by vertical sections and comes equipped with the components needed for the project.

DELTA gantry for industrial solutions

Our DELTA gantry is used primarily in industries and at ports, but also at bus terminals and for road signage and cable transmission. It is a three-sided truss assembly designed for conveyance between pillars over shorter distances.

The DELTA gantry is particularly suitable for conveying electricity, gas or liquid from one property to another and has a maximum length of 25 metres. It is easy to erect and the structural elements can be prepared on the ground before being lifted into place.

ALTA signage tower for large signs

Our ALTA signage tower is used outside shops and companies, in shopping centres, along roads and where there is a need to inform people – especially from a distance. It consists of welded and screwed six-metre sections, with a maximum height of 84 metres. A flexible modular system makes the tower easily customisable for different needs.

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