Masts & Towers

You can see them along the roads, in industrial areas, car parks and out in the forests. Our masts and towers are everywhere and are used for telecom, lighting, surveillance, industry and infrastructure. We produce, deliver and assemble masts and towers from two metres in height to 200 metres – all depending on what you need.

For those wondering about the difference between a mast and a tower, an easy way to remember is that a mast is braced with lines, whereas a tower stands on its own. Towers may therefore be optimal when there is less space for construction.

Our towers

We have three towers: ALTA, DELTA and T1200. ALTA is our tallest tower. It can be erected with a height of 84 metres and consists of welded and screwed six-metre sections. DELTA is a lower tower with a maximum height of 42 metres and consisting of welded sections of 2-6 metres. The T1200 has been transformed from a mast into a tower, with a height of 30 metres.

Our masts

We have two masts: S1200 and W1200. Our tallest mast is the S1200, which can be erected with a height of 200 metres, whereas the maximum height of the W1200 is 120 metres. Both masts are constructed from screwed sections measuring six metres.

Horizontal structures

When we build our standard masts horizontally, we call them pipeline bridges. In this design they are ideal for carrying cables and pipes in heavy industries.


All of our products can be tailored to your requirements and preferences

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