ALTA Lighting and Surveillance

ALTA is Scanmast’s tallest tower. The tower is idea for lighting sports fields, ports and airports. It is also the most commonly used tower for both telecommunications and camera surveillance.

ALTA is made up of welded and bolted six-metre sections, which can be built up to 84 metres high in their standard design. A flexible modular system enables the tower to be quickly configured and optimised as required. This simplifies and expedites production and delivery, and keeps costs down. Despite its potential height, ALTA is not a flashy tower. The airy truss structure ensures that the tower blend’s in well with its surroundings.


Max. height: 84 metres.
Construction: Welded and bolted six-metre sections.
Areas of application: Lighting and surveillance.
Material: Hot-dip galvanised steel


  • Long tried and tested.

  • Suitable for both coastal and mountain climates.

  • Compact transport volume.

  • Standardised sections.

  • Precast foundations.

  • Easy to assemble for quick installation.

  • Surface-treated for long service life.

  • CE marking.

Designed for LED luminaires

Our towers are designed to meet today’s demands for LED luminaire solutions. Since LED luminaires both weigh more and usually have larger surface areas susceptible to wind than luminaires with metal halide, it is important to configure the towers correctly when switching to LEDs. Our engineering department can help you with this.

Stable and secure towers for surveillance

For security cameras to do their job, it is important that the towers do not sway or vibrate. There must be very little movement, so that the cameras do not activate and trigger false alarms, which is costly. Our truss constructions are stable and rigid, and designed so that you can position equipment where it will do the most good.

Peace of mind from start to finish

Scanmast does it all – from design and planning to construction, installation, inspection and maintenance – whether your towers are for lighting, surveillance or other associated components. With our standard products ALTA, DELTA and T1200, delivery times are short because we keep the products in stock.

Read about our reference installations in lighting and for surveillance.

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