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Scanmast ALTA and DELTA towers are the market leaders in lighting, but are equally well-suited for surveillance. The towers are constructed of standard sections. Do you need one luminaire or 60, a tower three meters high or 84? No problem – Scanmast can provide it.

Do you need lighting for a football pitch, schoolyard, car park or construction site? Or surveillance of an industrial site, port or power plant? We make sure that you get the right product for the task at hand, and you can, of course, expect to receive help with engineering for the equipment to be installed. If you need a special solution, we can provide that too, based on your needs and wishes.

The heavy-duty ALTA tower

If you need a heavy-duty tower that can handle more equipment, heavier luminaires or more advanced cameras, the ALTA tower is the right choice. It is most often used for lighting and surveillance at major ports, stadiums and airports, and it has a maximum height of 84 meters. With the ALTA tower you will usually need help with assembly and erection, which we naturally can provide.

DELTA tower for lighter loads

If you instead need a smaller tower for fewer luminaires and lighter equipment, then our DELTA tower is the better choice. It has a maximum height of 42 meters and if you have installation staff, you can usually erect it yourself. It is often used for lighting and surveillance at car parks, schoolyards and along roads.

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