Pipeline Bridges

When electricity, liquid, gas, oil or similar needs to be conveyed from one building to another, Scanmast’s truss assemblies are ideal as pipeline bridges and equipment conduits.

The flexible, horizontal design provides high strength in relation to its weight and can be built in long spans. For example, a pipeline bridge can be built along a wall or supported by vertical sections and equipped with the components needed for your industrial project.

Scanmast can build any type of conduit needed for cabling, including all necessary walkways, platforms and access points along the pipeline bridge.

Durable material

Our hot-dip galvanised trusses are easily erected and do not require on-site welding. By using a durable, high-quality material, you will be able to reduce your maintenance costs tenfold over 50 years compared to rust-protected steel. This means you project will be both cost-effective and time-efficient.

Minimises downtime

With our pre-assembled pipeline bridges, we can prepare the assembly on the side and then lift everything into place by crane. This minimises downtime and facilitates smooth installation, even in confined spaces. This is particularly important in industry as downtime often incurs major consequences and costs.

Two different versions

For our pipeline bridges we use our standard masts and towers. Pipeline bridges S1000 and DELTA have different lengths and differ in terms of the load cases the bridge can bear. We will help you choose the right product based on your requirements, and we can also customise our standard products according to your wishes.

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