Foundation solutions

Scanmast has a wide range of foundations for our truss assemblies. We have prefabricated and portable foundations as well as site-cast ground and bedrock foundations. Regardless of the solution, Scanmast will help you every step of the way to ensure that you get robust foundations able to hold the intended loads.

Our knowledge of foundations is based on our extensive experience of earthworks, and we are continuously improving our range. We will help you develop a good foundation solution for your project, based on factors such as the choice of product, the conditions at the site, your specifications and your budget.

Different solutions for different needs

For our masts and larger towers, we cast concrete foundations on site. We build moulds and then reinforce and cast the concrete. For our smaller towers, we have ready-to-use, prefabricated foundations that we embed in the ground. For temporary solutions, we also have foundations that are not embedded but placed above ground.

Customised solutions

In some cases, the ground conditions at a site may not allow for the usual solutions. With the help of our Calculation and Design department, we can produce special drawings and customised foundations that work at the site. No matter your challenge, we will solve it.

Foundation restoration

Scanmast can also restore worn foundations. Following an analysis, it will be determined whether the foundation needs to be replaced or whether just the waterproof coating needs to be restored. Restoration can be carried out while the truss assembly remains in place, which avoids costly downtime.

Products for Foundation solutions

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