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We have celebrated 90 years of history and knowledge and 10 years as Scanmast. Many within Scanmast have demonstrated their great joy and pride in their work; however, it is now time to take the next step on our evolutionary journey and become even better at meeting the challenges of the future. Our aim is to be a turnkey supplier to our customers, in combination with an organisation that strongly signals sustainability.

On paper, there is a great deal for Scanmast to be pleased with:
• We appear to be moving towards a better than expected financial result.
• We have won a number of tenders for the upcoming 5G rollout and are in a good position prior to forthcoming telecom infrastructure investments.
• We are participating in projects that contribute to sustainable infrastructure and a better environment.
• Our business continues to evolve and we are investing in the skills demanded by the market.
• We have improved our employer brand.
• We have experienced a strong rise in employee satisfaction in Norway.

I would also like to highlight the most important success factor: Scanmast’s skilled and committed employees – the driving force behind this development.

That said, the future will bring challenges that Scanmast must meet. In the immediate future, we are likely to see a slowdown in the industrial sector, where things are currently somewhat shaky. Competition is increasing, meaning that we must make provisions for the future by deciding what role Scanmast should have on the market. We currently enjoy a strong position with our mast and tower products. We now need to reinforce our position as a turnkey supplier in Sweden, Norway and Finland and within more of our segments. For this reason, the management group has held several strategic discussions, coming to the conclusion that it is important for Scanmast to focus on the role nearest to the customer.

In brief, this means that we will offer complete concepts. We shall offer our knowledge, from planning, implementation, construction, operation and documentation to maintenance and follow-up. To this end, Scanmast’s Swedish business will be undergoing a reorganisation to achieve a mix of project managers, supervising field technicians, designers and subcontractors. The ambition is to shape an effective organisation that delivers sustainable infrastructure through the market’s most satisfied employees. The greatest benefit of the new organisation is ‘ownership’ within the respective business areas and groups. This creates an increased sense of group affiliation and, with satisfied employees, we can also quality-assure satisfied customers.

We are already good at promoting sustainable infrastructure. In future, we must be even better; something that we must also communicate to the market and the public. Nobody should be in any doubt that Scanmast is working actively to achieve global sustainable development goals. Through these initiatives, Scanmast is now embarking on an exciting journey into the next 10 years.


Ann-Charlotte, VD

14 May 2020


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