What will a design look like and how should it be placed in reality? This is one type of question that often lands on Håkan Bälter’s desk. Håkan has been working as a designer at Scanmast since 2013 and has contributed to many good solutions for colleagues and clients:

– I create designs, solve problems and offer technical support. It is generally a matter of answering technical questions, both from colleagues at Scanmast and our customers.

Exciting to create technical solutions

/Håkan Bälter, konstruktör.


It is with great commitment in his voice that Håkan explains the benefits of his job:
–  It is exciting to see and create technical solutions for our basic range, including masts, towers and truss bridges. These are solutions that must comply with existing regulatory frameworks. Here, we work at a high tempo and are more than willing to discover new areas of use. I like that.




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