Our Company

Scanmast is a privately-owned company established in 2009 as an offshoot of WIBE. Our business idea is to offer the market a qualitative, flexible range of products and services in the fields of telecoms. lighting, security and other infrastructure. Scanmast performs the entire project, from design and project planning to construction, installation and maintenance. Scanmast currently has approximately 90 employees.


Market: We operate in Sweden, Norway and Finland, as well as exporting our masts and towers beyond the borders of our domestic markets. Our head office is located in Mora, Sweden.

Ägare: Volati, read more: volati.se

Overall strategic objective: The company’s level of ambition for the current period (2019-2021) is summarised by the following points:

  • We are a turnkey supplier.
  • We have the knowledge to build tomorrow.
  • We are secure, driven and genuine.
  • Growth under strict profitability.


Call us and we will help you: +46 250-29 200

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