Zainab Altaie – Structural Analyst

You have been with Scanmast since 2019 – how come?
I was educated in my home country Iraq, I studied mechanical engineering for five years. Then we moved to Sweden and I started looking for a job. The employment service recommended that I apply to Scanmast who was looking for a person with a mechanical engineering education. I came for an interview and got a good feeling from the company. I felt this was my place! I got the job and was very happy to get a job where I could use my education.

What an exciting journey you have made!
Yes, when you consider all of these things made me end up here and meet all these nice people. It has been great fun!

How is Scanmast as a workplace?
I think Scanmast is a great workplace. I have nice colleagues, good managers and everyone is kind and helpful.

You are a Structural Analyst – what does that mean?
My task is to perform strength calculations and carry out assignments according to customer orders. I think it’s a lot of fun to work with calculation. Others may find it difficult or boring, but I like it! Using a computer program, I calculate how much the towers load, how many antennas or luminaires the tower can carry. Different types of mast constructions can handle different weights.

I get especially happy when I receive emails from a customer who wants to build a tower at a football field or bandy field, then my work leads to joy for others. I feel the same joy over being involved in 5G, we are developing the country’s mobile network.

What does a normal week look like for you?
Sometimes it’s quiet and sometimes it’s full, there’s no typical week and it’s never the same things that happen. My work is based on customers’ orders. I find that exciting!


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