Pelle Gemfors – Key Account Manager

How would you describe Scanmast as a company?
It is a company that has an old tradition and has been on the market for a long time. With new technology and developments, the company takes a new height for the future, it’s exciting!

What does Scanmast’s value word “Safe, Driven and Genuine” mean to you in your everyday life?
The customer should feel confident in knowing who to turn to and know the brand. Scanmast is constantly evolving in step with technology and broadening the market to Norway and Finland as well.

You are a Key account manager – what does that mean?
My duties are to sell our material and market Scanmast, listen to the market and meet market demand. I am the face and the ear outwards. You are visible and it is important to listen and be humble before the market and your customers. My sales area is southern Sweden and I start from Borås.

What does a normal week look like for you?
Normally, I have an office day when I take care of administration, book meetings and the like. The rest of the week will be a lot of customer meetings. We also show the company’s products at trade fairs, both regionally and nationwide. There will be a lot of travel. I meet a lot of people!

What qualities are good to have in your role?
You must like being yourself and take responsibility. It is good if you are independent and resourceful. As a salesperson, you must stand out in some way to put the company on the map. Experience is also good to have, but it is as in many other industries that if you are new, you have no experience. It is also good if you have a wide network of contacts.

What’s most fun about your job?
I like meeting people. Another fun thing is when you have worked for a long time for a deal and it succeeds well. For me, this means that all parties are satisfied with the delivered solution. Recurring customers are always fun! The best thing about the job is to travel, meet customers and represent Scanmast.


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