Marie Jönsson – Teamleader

You are a team leader – what does that mean?
I am responsible for a group of project managers and Field Engineers; I make sure that their everyday life works. Then I plan the team’s resources – which Field Engineers will go where and when. The role also involves a lot of customer contacts as I am often involved in the start-up of projects and make sure that everything gets started. But I am also involved in several projects as a project manager. It is my responsibility that the team constantly develope, I make sure that training is carried out and that everyone has the right conditions. I also hire new colleagues when needed.

What does a normal week look like for you?
The beginning of the week is very much about planning, meetings, and project management. At the end of the week, it often calms down and then there is time for the development of the department. But the weeks are very varied. I do everything from keeping in planning, being involved in projects and project management myself, to contacting everyone in the team.

What qualities are good to have in your role?
You should like problem solving, you must have some technical interest of course. It is good to be responsive and take the time to listen to colleagues. Sometimes situations arise where it is good to have the patience to put your own work aside and instead help colleagues. The role involves a lot of communication, both internal communication with colleagues within the company and external communication with customers. You should enjoy talking on the phone!

How would you describe Scanmast as a company?
It is a company that is in an industry that is constantly evolving and now we are moving towards a period of higher occupancy. Scanmast wants to stand for quality and deliver complete solutions. We can help the customer in all steps due to the company’s breadth, we do everything from construction to maintenance when the mast has been up for 30 years.

How is Scanmast as a workplace?
It has always been a workplace with very nice colleagues, which is a big plus for me. We have incredible fun together. It is an open company with high ceilings.

What does Scanmast’s value word “Safe, Driven and Genuine” mean to you in your everyday life?
These are guidelines for how I should act in my role. I must be confident in the work I do and the decisions I make. I will be driven to improve our business. Being genuine is about being honest and taking care of the staff and being proud to work at Scanmast. To be safe, it is important that the staff has the right skills. That is part of my job to make sure that everyone who works, regardless of role, has what they need to feel safe in doing their job. We take care of each other at Scanmast.


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