Magnus Backlund – Teamleader and Project Manager

You are a project manager – what does that mean?
I work with turnkey contracts for major lighting projects, such as trotting tracks and football pitches. We have, for example, been involved in rebuilding Behrn Arena in Örebro and Bro Park gallop track in Upplands-bro. For me, it is important to create a relationship with the customer and build a reputation in the industry, it requires a lot of time on site from me.

During Covid, I have “worked from home” on site on the project. In this way, I can have close contact with the customer on an ongoing basis and the customer feels secure that the turnkey contractor is available.

Scanmast delivers and assembles the steel, then it is subcontractors who do earthworks and electricity. Then I am there all the time and can make quick decisions on the spot. I’m probably the one of the project managers within the company who travels the most and that depends on the projects I work with.

What qualities are good to have in your role?
It is important to be solution-oriented, flexible, and open. Another thing that is good is to be a team player. Most of what I have learned has been by being out on projects and talking to the fitters. Because I have been out so much, I have brought the time aspect into the quotation work and I know what you need to think about. This makes the offer to the customer more balanced.

What’s most fun about your job?
It is good that you get to work with freedom under responsibility. Another driving force is the colleagues, I feel very comfortable with them. I always say that I would continue to work even if I won 100 million on the lottery.

What does Scanmast’s value word “Safe, Driven and Genuine” mean to you in your everyday life?
That’s how you get in and is. I think the values ​​are related to how you should be as a person to thrive in the company. You should be driven, feel safe and be honest in what you do to the customer. If you are honest, the customer will come back and be satisfied. It is important to be safe with what you do and the colleagues around, the fitters must be safe when they perform their work.


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