Lars-Göran Kihlman – Field Engineer

You are a Field Engineer- what does that mean?
I go out on different types of projects throughout Sweden, everything from telecommunications to lighting towers. On site, we receive materials, read drawings and assemble the construction. Sometimes the masts are over 300 meters high, so it is important not to be afraid of heights! We work 7 days in a row and then we sleep in hotels near the project. As a field technician, you work in a team of two people.

What does a normal week look like for you?
There is no regular week, all projects are unique. The job is very varied.

What qualities are good to have in your role?
Good physique is necessary, it is a physically demanding job. You must be able to take responsibility and work independently.

What’s most fun about your job?
It is you get to work independently and outdoors.

What is most challenging about your job?
Since we work outdoors all year round, I have to say the weather. It can be quite challenging, especially in the winter.


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