Andreas Gidlund – Key Account Manager

You are a Key account manager – what does that mean?
In my current assignment, I am responsible for industry & infrastructure projects, which means that I focus more specifically on these types of customers and help them solve their wishes and visions in the most efficient way possible.

What qualities are good to have in your role?
To be able to listen and analyze the customer’s needs, I think is important, then you must be open-minded, solution-oriented and technically interested. There will be so many special solutions in the type of project we work with, especially in the construction projects. We not only sell materials, but we also solve the customer’s problems based on their wishes and needs, from start to finish.

What does a normal week look like for you?
An ordinary week can start with a cup of coffee and go through emails and the week’s planned planning. But I would say that in this role, no week is the same as the other because there is so much going on, new missions and challenges are constantly emerging. My weeks consist of everything from customer visits to site visits. This means, among other things, that I go out to the site, take photos of it, and check the possibility of transports to get to the site, collect data for the calculations. There will be a lot of calculation / design meetings and budget work for quotes. A project often starts with a customer call where they want us to come out and check the conditions, then we come back and do a calculation and construction for the whole thing, then we put together a quote for the customer and hopefully we reach a sharp end to the deal.

How is Scanmast as a workplace?
It is a good workplace; it suits me perfectly. Work like this is very much based on freedom under responsibility. I feel that I get help with the conditions I need to achieve my goals. The colleagues are great!


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