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Daniel Herrlin - Project Manager

You are a project manager – what does that mean? I lead the projects and Field Engineers. We have our own and sometimes also subcontractors. I handle the contact with the customer and pass it on to […]

Magnus Backlund - Teamleader and Project Manager

You are a project manager – what does that mean? I work with turnkey contracts for major lighting projects, such as trotting tracks and football pitches. We have, for example, been involved in rebuilding Behrn Arena in Örebro […]

Marie Jönsson - Teamleader

You are a team leader – what does that mean? I am responsible for a group of project managers and Field Engineers; I make sure that their everyday life works. Then I plan the team’s resources […]

Zainab Altaie - Structural Analyst

You have been with Scanmast since 2019 – how come? I was educated in my home country Iraq, I studied mechanical engineering for five years. Then we moved to Sweden and I started looking for a […]

Baktash Nori - Project Support

You are project support – what does that mean? I work under the project managers and support them. What are your duties? Most of my work is with drawings for masts and towers, for example […]

Andreas Gidlund - Key Account Manager

You are a Key account manager – what does that mean? In my current assignment, I am responsible for industry & infrastructure projects, which means that I focus more specifically on these types of customers and help them […]

Lars-Göran Kihlman - Field Engineer

You are a Field Engineer- what does that mean? I go out on different types of projects throughout Sweden, everything from telecommunications to lighting towers. On site, we receive materials, read drawings and assemble the construction. Sometimes the masts […]


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